We are the Magnificent

The Magnificent are a hard-rocking sixties-soul show band, playing non-stop shouters and stompers that will crack your back, unwind your spine, and make your liver quiver.

The Magnificent are seven Hollywood rock-scene veterans who have until now hidden their secret love for skull-slamming rhythm and blues, but now reveal it to the world in a show so savage it has already been banned in thirteen states.

The Magnificent are a double-barreled blast of shotgun soul, with two frenetic front men belting out blistering dance floor smashes, backed up by a five man wrecking crew who can tear it up and tear it down.

The Magnificent are… magnificent.

The Professor of Rock and Soul: Mighty Manfred of the Woggles – Lead Vocals
Nathan Long of MI-6 – Also Lead Vocals
Adam Bones of Adam Bones – Rhythm Guitar
Kent Holmes of Astropanties – Lead Guitar
SL “Duck” Duff of Sweet Justice – Bass Guitar
Erik Szabo of Park Bench Prophets – Organ
Todd Westover of the BellRays – Drums


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