The Magnificent Wants You!

Magnificent people, you have a monumental decision ahead of you! A decision that just might change the course of human history! The Magnificent want to make a music video, and we want you to pick which of these six songs you would like to see brought to the big screen – well, at least to YouTube….
Please listen to our six songs here, then take the poll on our Facebook Page, selecting the song you think would make the best video. The poll will be live until the middle of June, then we’ll compile the votes, announce the winner, and get busy shooting. 
Of course, the details of the shoot are pretty vague right now, but once the song has been selected and we get things sorted out, we’ll let you know when that’s happening, and if there will be a chance for all you Magnificent people to be involved. 
In the mean time, vote your hearts out, and keep the faith!

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