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  1. Hey Good People!!! just wanted to touch bases with you again I really enjoyed my time with you guys!!! We share new years eve together at the Redwood bar and Grill.. I’m LZ Love I’m the one that opened up for the evening the acoustic act.. I connected with one of the singers we exchange cards and we was just saying we should maybe do another get together. So I just wanted to make the connection and let you know anytime you need an opener I’m here we would love to do warm up the stage for you! speaking on the behalf of my dear friend Martin the guitarist as well!! well in the meantime be well and keep on being pumping out that Authentic Soul Music!
    ✌and ❤LZ.

    • Hi LZ! Thanks for saying hi. It was great playing New Years Eve with you. Such a fun night. We don’t have any gigs lined up right now, but when we do, I will keep you posted. And if you know anybody who wants to book a rockin’ soul band, let us know!

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